Marie Morin: a new look for authentic recipes

B. and É. Morin, the directors of Marie Morin (Quessoy, 53 employees) are reviewing the brand image. They are developing new formats and packagings for desserts sold in major retail outlets, i.e. about fifteen items currently on the shelves of all French stores. Marie Morin has become the 6th leading player in the sector in thirty years behind the giants Yoplait, Danone and Lactalis by applying a different marketing strategy. The company produces all its desserts with raw materials selected and coming from short circuits.

Le Journal des Entreprises thus retraces the history of the brand which achieved initial success with an old-fashioned chocolate mousse which still accounts for 45% of the business. Marie Morin brings out five new products a year on average. The company has just hired a Sales and Marketing Director coming from a major Swiss dessert brand, which demonstrates its potential to attract top-class employees.

Source : Journal des Entreprises – 07/12/2016
Photo credit : Marie Morin