Marinelec designs Arpege, the fishing boat of the future

Marinelec Arpege Fishing boat of the future

Specialist in fire detection on board boats, Marinelec (Quimper) has celebrated its 40th anniversary. The company is currently working on a project for the fishing boat of the future “Arpege”, which must deal with the current problems of increasing energy costs, a major number of accidents, fishing quotas, an obligation to minimise the impact on fishing grounds and recruitment difficulties. Backing its Design Office to make it stand out from its Dutch and Norwegian competitors, Marinelec is also looking to broaden its product range to win over shipowners from all over the world. With 50% of its business being achieved internationally, the company is now exporting its products to Brazil, Peru, Italy, UAE, Spain, Turkey and above all Asia, where it opened an office in Singapore in 2011.

Source : Côté Quimper – 10/12/2015

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