Founded by Samuel Mercier, IMP (Innovative Medical Partners, Vannes) has designed MedPack, a portable medical workstation designed to accompany emergency responders during their interventions in the field, whether at accident sites, bombings or for injuries or other everyday mishaps.


Improved working conditions and patient management

Light and easy to use, the MedPack adapts to all terrains thanks to its telescopic transfusion tripod. It facilitates compliance with safety and hygiene regulations thanks to a workspace equipped with bins for the selective sorting of waste. Just open the carrying cases for light, a portable drip, a secure mini pharmacy and everything you need at your fingertips. It even allows an umbrella to be attached to it to optimise the working conditions. The emergency physician can then concentrate solely on the care to be provided, and no longer on organisational issues related to the environment and intervention difficulties. In the future, it will be connected and create a link between the field and the hospital for better patient care.


Awarding of the Lépine Competition

Samuel Mercier received the President of the Republic Prize of the Lépine International Paris 2018 competition, the media coverage of which should bring credit to his product, already used in different professions: veterinarians who do not always operate in optimal conditions, practice nurses, firefighters, university hospitals in Switzerland and Belgium. In addition, several units of the army have ordered test copies. The MedPack has not finished garnering attention.


Sources : Ouest France entreprise – 08/05/2018, IMP