Mega merger in pig production between Prestor and Aveltis

Evel'up, mergers between Prestor and Aveltis, French pork breeders.

The two Finistère-based pig farming cooperatives Prestor (Kersaint-Plabennec) and Aveltis (Landivisiau) are merging into Evel’up. They rely on better organised resources to overcome the setbacks in the pig sector. They also want to heighten their R&D and produce more organic animals, raised without antibiotics and with a concern for animal welfare.

The merger aims to make Evel’up the leader in this highly competitive market. The new structure encompasses 1,000 farms, with a total workforce of 800 for an annual production of 4.2 million pigs. The cooperative generates a turnover of €800 million. The new group will continue selling its animals on the Breton Pig Market, as well as directly to slaughter groups.


Sources : Les Echos – 05/01/2018, Lettre Api – 18/06/2018

Photo credit : Evel’up