Mensia Technologies addresses the issue of attention disorders

Specialised in non-invasive medical devices and non-medical treatments for the brain, Mensia Technologies (Rennes & Paris) received funding of €3.6 million from the EU as part of the call for projects for its SME Instrument Newrofeed project.

This medical device treats attention deficit disorder in children (with or without hyperactivity). Developed with neuroscientists and clinicians, the solution is based on neurofeedback, using the therapeutic technique of retraining brain activity. Patients regulate their electrical brain activity through “serious games” which return, in real-time, a visual or auditory reflection of their brain activity (feedback). It should be used at home, under medical supervision, to involve the child and their family. It takes just 3 months or around 40 sessions to reduce the deficit.

The funding will help finalise the development of Newrofeed, and to launch a clinical study of 200 children in several centres in France and Europe, and to ensure medical CE marking. The company is also pursuing the commercialisation of NeuroRT, a software suite that enables hospitals to measure in real time the electrical activity of the brain, to assess conditions and to carry out certain treatments, as a complement or a substitution for certain drugs. It is sold directly in Europe and via distributors in Brazil, the USA, Taiwan and Japan.

Source : Rennes Atalante – 16/03/2016 | Lettre API – 04/04/2016
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