Mobility Tech Green: exponential growth in 2017

Mobility Tech Green

Having raised €5M from investors early in 2017, the car-sharing specialist B2B Mobility Tech Green (Rennes, 34 employees, €3M turnover 2017) is delighted with its 2017 balance sheet, as its turnover doubled between 2016 and 2017.  Five thousand cars are now fitted with its e-Colibri solution, used by businesses and communities to manage their car-sharing fleets. The company has set a target to equip 10,000 in 2018 and 35,000 by 2021 in France and Europe.

To achieve this, it is looking for closer contact with French car manufacturers to incorporate its solution directly into new vehicles. Mobility Tech Green is also focusing on its international deployment, mainly in Spain, where the company equips nearly two hundred vehicles belonging to the car-sharing operator Respiro, and Luxembourg, where the company is working with Moovee, a multimodal mobility operator, on car-sharing. Scandinavia along with Germany, Italy and England are targets, as are Turkey and China.

In addition, Mobility Tech Green presented an artificial intelligence tool which enhances e-Colibri at the CES 2018. The new device should be tested with Enedis to optimise the journeys by its technicians by supplying the vehicle with equipment adapted to each intervention.

By end 2018, the company should have recruited fifteen new employees and plans to move into new premises of 700 m2 this summer. It could launch its Intelligence to Mobility incubator, which is tasked with detecting and supporting young sparks in mobility, mainly professional.


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Photo credit : Mobility Tech Green