Amongst the world leaders in tractor-mounted handling equipment, MX (Acigné, 550 employees) is the only French company to produce 5 different loader ranges compatible with 45 tractor brands on the same industrial site.


An industrial company with strong growth potential


The family group relies on export to boost its development: the French and international markets each represent 45% of its activity, the other 10% being sold under white labels. MX relies on an extensive network of dealers, importers and two commercial subsidiaries in the UK and Germany to sell its product ranges across 64 countries worldwide. MX also operates a site in India for the Asian market and one in Brazil for the South American market. MX fits out 7,500 tractor models of 45 different brands between 15 and 300hp and has over 180 tools in its catalogue. Its strength lies in its ability to work without an order book to be as close to its clients as possible and service them between 24 hours for some products and three weeks. To guarantee these short lead times, MX maintains a high level of industrial integration from the steel sheet to delivery to the client to produce end-to-end products and keep external purchases minimal.


MX’s leitmotiv is to make farmers’ handling work easier on a daily basis. 


Over 6 years, MX has renewed and enhanced its product offering and developed a number of services to help its clients. MX wins market shares and invests with the drive to generate employment in France. MX currently offers 60 permanent jobs.  “In 2018, as a manager, I am proud to talk about the economic drive of our industrial company and about our innovation capacity to renew ourselves and adapt to the markets and our clients’ needs“, concludes Frédéric Martin, MX CEO.


Source: MX