MX gambling on exports

The Bretagne manufacturer of farm equipment, MX (Acigné, 454 employees), figures among the undisputed European leaders of front-end loaders for farm machinery. Its Chairman, F. Martin, is a fervent supporter of exporting as the key to success in a less-than-exciting domestic market, even if that requires long-term focus to define strategies specific to the culture and production methods of each country whilst remaining “as flexible as possible to meet the expectations of the customer, wherever he may be”. Its creed – know how to listen, look and focus on accessible territories.

The MX front-end loaders cover a range to suit more than 6,500 tractor models. The company achieves 25% of its business internationally – 90% in Europe and the remainder in Oceania, Asia (Japan), South America, Africa and the Middle East. MX has subsidiaries in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Source : Journal des Entreprises – 09/12/2016  

Photo credit : MX