Nanovia develops flax and oyster based plastics

Nanovia (Louargat) formulates and manufactures industrial composites based on carbon, glass or aramid fibers.

In recent months, Nanovia has also presented bioplastics created from oyster shells and flax fibers, ie products that meet consumer demand for natural, non-toxic products, with traceability, compostability and biodegradability. These products have a local value in short circuits and have various technical advantages: elasticity, strength, lightness… They were developed by the team of Professor Y. Grohens, head of the Bretagne Laboratory of Engineering Materials (LIMATB) of the UBS (University of Southern Bretagne) in collaboration with the ComposiTIC technical platform.

Target markets include medical prostheses, toys and educational materials, consumables distributors for 3D printing, the design and mold casting industry, and also the transport industry, which is interested in lighter and more recyclable materials. Contacts for export have already been established with Finland and Belgium, and one of its PLA has been delivered to a major US laboratory.

Source : Bretagne Innovation – 03/06/2016
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