Near Fougères, Groom opens up new doors


Groom is a steel hinge brand with such renown that it has come to designate any door closer by extension. Arising from the merger of Liob and Tuillier, it was under German responsibility through the ironmonger Dorma in 1999 then Swiss following the DormaKaba merger (18,000 employees; turnover: €2.5 million) in 2015.

The single production site of Groom closers in Fougères (55 employees) is now turning to the niche market of assembly and configurable products, by manufacturing customised products and focusing on quality. It even filed two patents in 2016, with another pending. The company has specialised for four years in access control for buildings with easy-to-mount, guaranteed grip rails fitted with electromagnetic suction pads. The company has adapted its hinges to safety standards and accessibility, particularly for nursing homes, residences for the elderly or sheltered housing.


Source : Ouest France – 18/10/2017

Photo credit : Groom