Néolait (Cargill) is investing in its Turbo Pro range

A specialist in animal nutrition and hygiene, Cargill is investing €7M in its manufacturing site Néolait at Yffiniac and is launching Turbo Pro, a new mineral range for dairy cows. Fuelled by nutritional and economic goals, farmers should expect a two- to fivefold return on investment with this range (with milk paid at €0.29/l). It is based on tests on farms using the in vivo test protocols. The first was carried out over three periods and on 60 cows fed with a basic corn silage/hay feeding regime. The second confirmed its metabolic efficiency. The investments granted to Yffiniac have been distributed between IT warehouse management and transport logistics for supplying its 25,000 customers.

Source : Webagri – 27/10/2016  

Photo credit : Terragricoles de Bretagne