The Netherlands company Plukon takes over the Duc group

The Netherlands Plukon Food Group, European leader in poultry meat, through its subsidiary Aurelia Investments BV, is taking over the Duc group (Chailley, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, 802 employees on seven sites in France, €165M turnover 2016), following a difficult year marked by falling poultry consumption and the propagation of cases of bird ‘flu in France, which closed the borders with many countries such as China and South Africa, the group’s two main export outlets.

The buyer is committing to bringing in €20M to increase the group’s production and improve the manufacturing facility, to raking over all employees for four years and to honouring supply contracts with local farmers. Voléfi, the Riec-sur-Bélon site in Finistère, which specialises in cutting and breaded turkey, is thus keeping its 215 employees. Plukon justifies this acquisition by its desire to expand its presence in the French market, in the knowledge that the Netherlands group is already a major player in B2B and outside catering markets.

Source : Journal des Entreprises – 02/03/2017