A new head office for Ekinops (Lannion) in North America

A leading supplier of new generation, innovative optical transport solutions in 100G and 200G transport, Ekinops (Lannion) opened its subsidiary, Ekinops Corp, in Maryland, USA in May. It will now be able to offer its customers support and training whilst having a laboratory available to demonstrate its solutions.

This site will serve as a logistics centre for its North-American customers, an area where sales are increasing more rapidly than in the rest of the world. Ekinops has recently signed a contract with the American company DQE Communications (a subsidiary of Duquesne Light Holdings) which supplies network services to companies in western Pennsylvania. The contract relates to the management of a 4,345 km network serving 1,140 networked buildings, 33 trading estates, fifteen data centres and several central sites spread through eleven counties around Pittsburgh. Orange has recently chosen Ekinops as a 100G supplier for its long-distance, very high capacity international networks.

Source:  Lettre Economique de Bretagne Р26/05/2016, Lettre Economique de Bretagne Р10/06/2016
Credit: ekinops.net