NG Biotech revolutionises the fight against bacterial resistance

Photo credit : NG Biotech

Specialised in medical diagnostic tests, NG Biotech (Guipry, 22 employees) has developed in collaboration with CEA (the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) and a team from the Bicêtre Hospital AP-HP (Paris Sud University Hospital) new rapid tests to detect certain forms of antimicrobial resistance in hospitals.

These test strips, which are more convenient, faster and less expensive, can detect the presence of multi-resistant bacteria with enzymes protecting them from a whole battery of antibiotics – which makes them difficult for doctors to eliminate, and represents a potential health risk in the case of dissemination. These tests will also be able to identify precisely the type of antimicrobial resistance encountered in five emerging families.

This multiple-enzyme test is a world first, and no one else can provide discrimination of as many types of bioresistance at once. Even if cases remain rare in France, the situations where no antibiotic works are on the rise. In some countries of the world, situations of therapeutic stalemate can even reach alarming proportions.

NG Biotech has about thirty references of tests (blood, urine, salivary, etc.) in the catalogue. It also works as a white label for pharmaceutical companies that use its technology platform to develop their own products.


Source : CEA – 14/11/2017

Photo credit : NG Biotech