NKE targeting the Internet of Things market

nke watteco

The electronic measuring instrument manufacture nke (Hennebont, 80 employees ~€12M turnover, 30% to export) wishes to expand into smart connected objects using the expertise of Watteco (Toulon, South of France), a specialist in on-board sensors and autopilots, that it acquired end 2014. The nke Watteco division is therefore entering the building energy consumption measurement market. The company has been consolidating the expertise of its nke Marine Electronics division for thirty years and offers its navigation instruments to offshore racing and pleasure yachts – centralised navigation units, autopilots, wind sensors, remote controls and display units, etc. The Multigraphic has been especially responsible for the SME’s growth since 2013 (5 to 10% a year). This is a monitor for yachts that centralises all the information sent by the various electronic instruments on board. Lastly, its third subsidiary nke Instrumentation is working on prototyping stations for monitoring marine areas, the AtltanrOS and SIMEO smart multifunction buoys.

www.nke-watteco.fr  | www.nke-marine-electronics.fr

Source : Décideurs en Région – 30/06/2015, L’Usine Digitale, 20/12/2015
Photo credit : nke-watteco.fr | nke-marine-electronics.fr
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