Nokia focusing on France, especially Lannion, to beef up its R&D

Alcatel Lucent Nokia Lannion Bell labs

The new venture created by the merger of Nokia and Alcatel Lucent is working long and hard to construct the future of the industry and of telecommunications, mainly in France where certain key pillars of its 5G, cybersecurity and small cell innovation strategy will be located. Five hundred new researcher posts should be created within three years, with R&D mainly concentrated on two sites: Lannion in Bretagne and Villarceaux in Ile de France. Beyond creating a new Bell Labs branch in Lannion, Nokia also plans to become involved in the competitiveness clusters and finance extensive work in conjunction with universities and schools. The group would also intend to create a €100M fund around IoT, cybersecurity and network software platforms.

Source : Les Echos – 08/02/2016