With Nutrinov, Triballat is swerving towards food supplements

Triballat nutrinov sulphoraphane

Installed within the contemporary cooking centre (Rennes), the Nutrinov laboratory, part of the Triballat agri-food group (Noyal-sur-Vilaine) has developed Prostaphane, a food supplement based on sulphoraphane, an active substance extracted from carefully-bred broccoli. Sulphoraphane can assist in controlling prostate cancer and given the excellent results obtained by Triballat in stabilising this active ingredient and proposing a constant dosage, the American team that discovered sulphoraphane plans to use this innovation for their own clinical trials. S. Morin, Secretary General of the Triballat group, estimates that this supplement is a “new growth relay” with “enormous potential” for the group. The directors nevertheless remain prudent over creating a medicine that would still require huge investment and several years work to reach “phase “. They prefer to focus on the food supplement for the moment. The ideal positioning will be prevention and active monitoring in functional food of “products with excellent biological and technological functionalities” that are promising for the new ingredients.
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Source : Journal des Entreprises – 26/11/2015
Photo credit: senioractu.com
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