Nuxe invests €5 M in its Lécousse plant

The Nuxe (Paris) cosmetics brand has invested €5 M to expand and redevelop the Lécousse cosmetics laboratory (70 employees), a plant acquired in 2006. After two years of work, the site is fully operational with production capacity up 30%. Nuxe chairman A. Jabès sees this investment as a social commitment and proof of the company’s attachment to the region and a new “sign of the trust placed in the territory and in Bretagne as a whole” to support Nuxe’s growth (+ 30% expected in 2017). The Breton site manufactures Resultime products and 80% of all volumes of Huile Prodigieuse, the company’s blockbuster product and hallmark brand.

Source : Lettre API – 05/07/2017  

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