Opuntias simplifies access to drinking water


Specialising in the design of chemical-free wastewater recycling and treatment plants, Opuntias (Vannes) is looking to simplify access to drinking water and is focusing mainly on developing countries. The SME has developed a water fountain (€3,500 each) which runs without electricity or chemicals and is maintenance-free, producing 1 m3 water/h, the average daily requirement for one thousand people. A prototype was tested in Benin in January 2016 and the company is now targeting humanitarian bodies, foundations, French twinned towns and regional authorities in Africa, mainly Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Cameroon and Benin. Note that the SME has installed commercial agents in Sri Lanka and Mexico. The company is also working with the agri-food, vegetable-processing and livestock sectors.


Source : API newsletter – 18/03/2016
Photo credit : opuntias.fr

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