Orange labs. European test to merge mobile and fixed networks

Orange Labs (Lannion) has just demonstrated that fixed (fibre and copper wire) and mobile (3G, 4G, WiFi) can be unified for a user, a problem which for years has been a stumbling block for the telecoms companies.

The demonstration took place on an 18 km fibre optic loop which the Bretagne researchers use to develop the networks. This indicates the significance of Bretagne in developing telecoms. According to S. Gosselin, Project Head at Orange, the COMBO European cooperation project is a revolution. The directors of major operators (Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica) and manufacturers have followed its progress with interest during the three years of definition, validation, development and installation and the last seven weeks of configuration. It will henceforth be possible to combine an exchange in several networks simultaneously and envisage sending documents via WiFi whilst communicating via a 4G network thanks to a universal gateway which combines the new technologies. New architecture will be used to standardise and develop 5G networks.

Source:  Ouest France Entreprises Р02/05/2016
Credit: Orange Labs