Pluma’tech, 100% French production sold in 90 countries

The specialist in rubber fingers for plumbers, Pluma’tech (Plaintel, 19 employees, turnover in 2016: €5.7 M, 72% in export) plans to invest €600k to 700k in its production equipment in 2017 after having invested €2 M on the site since 2013.

Its production is 100% French and sold in 90 countries through a network of exclusive retailers. In France, England and Spain, the SME also relies on a direct sales strategy. In early 2015, it opened a commercial and technical office in Houston in partnership with a local retailer to more efficiently penetrate the US market.

Note that Pluma’tech received the oscar for international development at the Côtes d’Armor Oscars last March.

Source : Lettre API – 13/03/2017

Photo credit : Pluma’tech