The powder-maker Nobelsport is investing to supply the Army

The powder-maker Nobelsport (Pont-de-Buis, 160 employees) manufactures sporting powder and products for maintaining order such as non-explosive tear gas grenades. Supported by the State, the SME is going once more to produce military powder for small munitions.

The European leader, Nobelsport had stopped this production in 1992 despite manufacturing 1.8kT/year. A development programme will be clarified and agreed mid-2017. The Chairman and Managing Director of Sofisport (the Nobelsport parent company), Y.-T. de Silguy, is targeting the number two spot in the global powder market. The company is already working for Defence and also manufactures anti-drone munitions for the Special Forces along with infrared decoys and thermal protection plates for missile-launcher frigates.


Source: Ouest France Entreprises – 11/04/2016