Premier Tech Aqua filters water with coconut fragments

Premier Tech Aqua, Ecoflo

Premier Tech Aqua, a subsidiary of the Canadian group Premier Tech, is the French leader in manufacturing and marketing solutions for the treatment of domestic wastewater. The group has 3 sites in France including Chateauneuf (120 people) as the largest, with a design office, a sales department and the whole production of molds for compact filters, intended for the French market but also for export.

Gwenaël Le Viol, Director of Marketing and Product Development explains: “In Quebec, peat has historically been used as a filter material.” Since peat bogs are subject to strict conservation rules in France and Europe, the R&D teams have developed another natural material, coconut fragments, which they have combined with the Ecoflo compact filter, the flagship solution of the business.

Premier Tech benefits from 20 years of hindsight on its solution which has recently been the subject of a comparative study measuring different environmental impacts by looking at the stages of the product lifecycle, including the manufacture of components, transport, installation and the useable life of the product. Conducted by a panel of independent experts, the technology has been recognised as performing well in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a first in the field of on-site sanitation. The coconut fragments come from Sri Lanka, where the group bought a factory dedicated to this task.


Source : Ouest France – 25/07/2018

Photo : Premier Tech Aqua