Procsea, leader in the digitalisation of the seafood market

Procsea team based in Rennes.

The Franco-Swiss start-up Procsea, which set up in Rennes in 2016, took up the particularly difficult challenge of digitalising the fish market, a complex market due to wild sourcing and the ultra-freshness of products.


Modernising and simplifying the fish market

“Every morning, professionals receive a multitude of offers by phone, fax, email, SMS from their suppliers or make their purchases in the markets very early at the start of the day”, explains Renaud Enjalbert, co-founder of Procsea.

Procsea is modernising and simplifying this market with its digital marketplace that puts sea professionals (fishers and wholesalers) in direct contact with restaurateurs, fishmongers, distributors and wholesalers. A form of international auction online.


Promoting small-scale fishing and small producers thanks to the short circuit

The start-up thus connects supply and demand in real time on a single platform: fishermen and wholesalers put their fresh products online upon arrival at the port and buyers access, in complete transparency, all the necessary information: the type, quantity, quality, provenance and prices of freshly caught fish. With Procsea, buyers can not only optimise their supplies, but also help promote the short circuit and sustain the know-how of small fishmongers, fishermen and local producers.

“Each fishmonger is carefully selected before being referenced. All ranges of fish are represented and we ask them to sell only those which they are the best at. This is essential when the target is gourmet restaurants and 5* hotels. A quality repository has been created for them. It is up to them to define the quantities and selling prices”, says Renaud Enjalbert.

Procsea’s business model is also based on its service offering. The startup supports the management of customs formalities, invoicing in foreign currency, bill collection, logistics and credit insurance. On each transaction, Procsea applies a commission which varies according to the country of destination and the level of service provided.

On the buyers side, the platform gives professionals a great deal of freedom because they do not have to commit to a long-term contract with a fishmonger. They can access the list of products available in real time (fresh fish, shellfish, crustaceans) and according to their needs, check their provenance and quality, order them from different suppliers in just a few clicks, be invoiced and delivered at the same time while being assured of optimum product traceability. When the boat returns to port, the restaurant is delivered within 24 hours in France (and 48 hours for international orders) because the product is not stored but delivered directly, via refrigerated trucks.

In the complex market of ultrafresh seafood where everything is done in real time, Procsea facilitates the short circuit and optimises the daily trade.


Nearly 60,000 orders already delivered

Procsea offers +1,200 product references and already sells in Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom (London). They have already fulfilled nearly 60,000 orders since their creation.

To support its growth, the company raised €2.5 milliob last May from four international investors specialised in marketplaces: FJ Labs (New York), Samaipata Ventures (Madrid), Piton Cap (London) and Polytech Ecosystem Ventures (Swiss). The company had already raised €1.2 million in 2017.

This fundraising allows Procsea to offer new services based on artificial intelligence (product recommendations, dynamic prices, etc.), to develop the user experience of the platform and to continue its geographic expansion. It now has an office in London, in addition to those in Lausanne and Rennes.

In terms of human resources, Procsea already has 32 employees at the end of 2018, including 24 in Rennes. 10 positions are currently filled! To support its development, the start-up plans to create 15 new positions in 2019, including 10 in the Breton capital.


Photo credit : Procsea