It will only take a few days to create your company. Nevertheless, you have to anticipate certain steps to facilitate the setting up of your company.


Large steps involved in setting up your company :

  • Business registration
  • The choice of and the drafting of articles of association : choosing the type of set-up structure will depend on your goal and the degree of autonomy that you want to give to your new structure in relation to its parent company.
  • Opening a business bank account to facilitate administrative procedures.
  • Depositing capital (not mandatory, depending on the articles of association chosen).
  • Announcing the business set up in the legal gazette (not mandatory, depending on the articles of association chosen).
  • Setting up your company online.


When your file is completed, a Kbis certificate will be sent to you, making your company set-up official.

The Invest in Bretagne will introduce you to law and accountancy firms to help you to determine the most suitable articles of association for your project and monitor all the steps in creating your business, until it is registered.


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