Quantel breaks new ground with an eye-repairing laser

Quantel Elba laser

Quantel Lannion (Lannion), a subsidiary of the Quantel group (Paris – 300 employees, €51.3 turnover, 80% to export), has designed “Elba”, a new fibre laser that can be installed on microscopes to display living tissues, detect carcinogenic cells and sort between cells. Elba can be used, among other things, to correct a detached retina, a disorder associated with a variety of diseases (diabetes) and should therefore open biotech doors to Quantel. A pioneering company in photonics, Quantel has already developed two other lasers: “Ylia”, used in the car industry, for luxury applications or smartphones for very fine markings on various materials and “Eylsa”, used to “handle” atoms.


Source : Ouest France Entreprises – 04/12/2015

Photo credit: en.ofweek.com
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