Sanden, fifty million compressors in twenty years at Tinténiac

On 1 July, the European subsidiary of the Japanese group Sanden based at Tinténiac celebrated its twentieth anniversary. On this occasion, it sent out its fifty millionth car air-conditioning compressor and inaugurated a biodiversity path around its factory, in the presence of the Chairman of the Management Board of the Japanese parent company, Masayoshi Ushikubo.

Sanden Manufacturing Europe is a major industrial site for the group with 850 employees and more than 2.5 million compressors manufactured every year, for a turnover that jumped from €214M to €245M in 2015. Although it is still 95% dependent on car manufacturers (Audi, Land Rover, Porsche, Volvo, Jaguar, Mercedes, etc.), Sanden is diversifying into compressors for hybrid and electric vehicles and installed its electric compressor line in Bretagne in 2011 for an investment of €11M.

Sanden is also placing a great deal of hope in low unit and cabinet cooling shelving with its Sanden CO2 Technology. This is far more environmentally-friendly that the old compressors and suitable for low cooling powers. Its outlets: medium-sized and large retailers. The first commercial cold unit of this type was also unveiled on 1 July. Sanden launched its new subsidiary dedicated to this technology in 2014: Sanden Environmental Solutions (Rennes), managed by Olivier Campy.

Every year, Sanden Manufacturing Europe invests €10 to 15M on average. About sixty people with all types of profile were hired in 2015. The plan is to continue hiring in the long term.


Source : JDE, 09/09/2016