With Scoop@f, Bretagne is testing collaborative smart transport systems

Bretagne is one of five experimental territories for Scoop@f, a national pilot project for rolling out collaborative smart transport systems that exchange information between vehicles and the road infrastructure. This project, financed jointly by the EU to the tune of €30M in France, mobilises 3,000 Renault and PSA vehicles over 2,000 km of roads, including 400 km in Bretagne. The Bretagne project called Scoop@Ouest is sponsored by the interdepartmental road division (Diro) with ITS Bretagne, the Region, the departments of Côtes d’Armor and Ille-et-Vilaine and the Saint-Brieuc urban area.

The first experimental phase started in the Spring with the rolling out of one hundred roadside units and road information collection and warning infrastructures for vehicles (roadworks, accidents, traffic jams, etc.). Communications will be via a hybrid technology, not WiFi. Two Bretagne companies are suppliers for this project. Yogoko (Rennes) has installed its technology in the manager vehicles. Neavia Technologies (Lacroix signalling group, Ploufragan), a specialist in road traffic detection and data acquisition via fixed on on-board devices, has installed roadside units. The project is mobilising a total of 183 public and private players involved in this sector, including 144 companies.

Source : API Newsletter – 14/02/2017

Photo credit : Neavia Technologies