Script&Go, recruitments and international development

Script&Go - SiteDiary

Script&Go (Rennes), a publisher of software programs to assist with site management for building professionals on the move, is continuing its development in France and abroad.

In 2016, the company bought the technological assets of the mobile site monitoring application SiteDiary from the Swedish publisher Appear Networks, thereby gaining a foothold in the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States and Australia through the existing SiteDiary clientèle. Script&Go also has two offices in Canada and the United Kingdom and is now targeting the German construction and property market.

In 2018, Script&Go intends to hire twenty new employees and increase its turnover by 40%. Note that Script&Go is also found in the networks and telecommunications with its fibre optics roll-out software program, FiberScript.


Source : Rennes Atalante – 02/02/2018