Script&Go supports the digitalisation of business and education

A pioneer in the professional mobility market, Script&Go offers tablet software for mobile professionals based on a unique, on-the-fly stylus-based handwriting and drawing recognition technology. This intuitive interface replicates the paper/pencil environment on tablet using the stylus. It allows professionals to capture directly all their technical data and use diagrams and drawings in the field. Created in 2011, Script&Go offers a range of business solutions designed for specific activity sectors, including construction and real estate with the specific site-monitoring BatiScript software and also telecoms with FiberScript, an application for the connection of fibre optic networks. Over time, the SME has specialised in the specific development of solutions that meet the needs of all professionals operating in the field faced with the problem of writing documents whilst on the move. Today, Script&Go is a booming company with strong credentials from major national accounts in the fields of public works, telecoms, transport and energy.


Strong growth and international expansion

In 2016, Script&Go acquired the technology assets of SiteDiary, a mobile site-monitoring application. This operation gives it a foothold in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States and Australia. Script&Go also has offices in Quebec and the United Kingdom. Since its inception in 2011, it has supported nearly 1,300 companies in 32 countries, thanks to its 35-strong team based in Rennes. Exports were expected to account for 50% of its business in 2019.

With a 40% increase in turnover in 2018, Script&Go entered the Deloitte In Extenso Technology Fast 50 national ranking, which rewards high-growth technology companies. The SME is also one of 300 companies with the highest growth rate in Europe and is classed among the top companies for growth in 2019, compiled by the newspaper Les Echos. To support its growth, Script&Go has also invested in new premises in Rennes and strengthened its team of about 20 employees since 2018, a team that is expected to grow further, with on-going recruitments of IT developer profiles.


Ambitious projects

For the past two years, Script&Go has been working on overhauling the SiteDiary app. The app is the first of its kind to incorporate a task management agenda and module. When the user reports the progress of a task, the log form is automatically updated. A report can then be generated quickly, thereby avoiding any additional work to re-enter information. In addition to the time savings SiteDiary offers, the app is available offline, syncing takes place in real time, photos can be added and weather reports generated automatically.

Since 2016, Script&Go has also distinguished itself in the digital learning sector by developing solutions in line with the specific features of this market. Benoît Jeannin, the founder of Script&Go, created the company Learn&Go as part of the IntuiScript project, which aimed to develop a digital notebook for learning to write: the Kaligo solution. The SME worked closely with the IntuiDoc team at the IRISA and INSA laboratory. The initiative is also supported by the Bretagne Region, Microsoft and various regional players in education and digital innovation*. The solution has been tested by more than 1000 students in 40 classes from pre-school to second year primary school in 18 public and private pilot schools. The Kaligo solution is now available for teachers and also for parents who want to extend learning to write at home. The Kaligo teams are also preparing a version to help dyspraxic and dysgraphic children through dedicated writing exercises and an adapted interface.

To go further, an immersive room was opened at the Rennes Beaulieu Digital Hub in 2018. All Bretagne schools can thus come and test the Kaligo solution in a totally digital educational environment. This immersive room also falls under the scientific research related to the e-learning sector.

Script&Go has also been selected to sponsor the European project Nadine (€4M). This is aiming to create a platform to assess the skills of migrants and refugees in order to facilitate their integration into the professional world.


*LOUSTIC laboratory(laboratory for observing the uses of ICT), Académie de Rennes, Ecole Supérieure du Professorat et de l’Education, Direction Diocésaine de l’Enseignement Catholique, Université Bretagne Loire.


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