Key facts

Source : Bretagne Développement Innovation

250 players

90 companies

9 research centres

34 support structures

7 training institutions

24 projects at end 2021

What Bretagne brings you

A complete ecosystem

The 250 Bretagne players focused on renewable hydrogen cover the entire hydrogen value chain : stationary H2 production facility (electrolyser, biomass production system, co-produced hydrogen recovery system), conversion, transport, distribution, storage, fuel cells for mobility, stationary fuel cell installation, hydrogen refuelling station and support services from R&D to recycling via operation and maintenance.

Potential for renewable energies

Bretagne is relying on using its renewable energies to develop its green hydrogen production :

  • Marine energies for offshore hydrogen production.
  • Biogas by methanisation (Biogas Plan) for H2 production by steam reforming of biogas.
  • Land renewable energies (wind, solar) for the development of local loops pooling the hydrogen production and recharging infrastructures around ecosystems of uses.

Innovation paths given priority

Bretagne gives priority to several innovation paths in its road map for the deployment of renewable hydrogen by 2030 (French).

  • Offshore hydrogen
  • Materials
  • Biomass thermolysis and pyrogasification
  • Biological hydrogen from wastewater
  • Promoting co-products from hydrogen production

Innovation dynamic

Bretagne Développement innovation (BDI) structures the hydrogen sector and coordinates all regional players. ERH2 Bretagne is the regional skills hub in renewable energies, hydrogen, fuel cells and smart electric grids. At their side, competitiveness hubs and clusters support companies in their innovative projects and encourage collaborative projects, depending on their application market.

Opportunities : ports

As the leading French maritime economy, the port infrastructures are conducive to deploying hydrogen to meet the energy needs of industrial activities on site and to supply ships. Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique and Bretagne Pôle Naval support companies in their innovations and encourage collaborative projects. To assert its position in port applications, Bretagne is involved in a European cooperation project on the conversion of “H2 port hubs” and their user environment. Involved in the REDII Ports project (Interreg) for the development of new carbon-free maritime fuels, the Port of Brest is the pilot site for the use of renewable hydrogen and ammonia.

Opportunities : maritime industry

Defence, fishing, research and passenger ships, cargo ships, pleasure boating and high-tech sailing, Bretagne has a powerful maritime industry focused on innovation and eco-design. The sector is looking into hydrogen to create clean boats. Eurolarge Innovation and Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique support companies in their innovations, mainly when linked to eco-design and eco-performance. They encourage collaborative projects : hydrogen-fuelled boats for a variety of uses (Energy Observer 2, Hylias, ERSEO barge), energy recovery coastal protection breakwater (DIKWE), studies for the conversion to hydrogen of a fishing boat (Pilothy) and a shellfish farming barge (Estebam). All H2 maritime and port projects in Bretagne.

Opportunities : transport

Food product logistics are a priority for the leading French agri-food region. As is clean transport of goods and people. Bretagne Supply chain, a cluster dedicated to transport, logistics and the supply chain, encourages innovative collaborative projects for the energy transition. Local loops are in place. They are aiming to produce green hydrogen from renewable energies, recycle wastewater or co-products from livestock farms to set up an ecosystem of clean mobilities and for industrial uses: Lorient Agglomération, Vhygo, Armor Hydrogène. Lhyfe sets up its 2nd green and renewable hydrogen production site in Bretagne. EHM has designed a rare-metal-free hydrogen combustion engine for retrofitting heavy vehicles.

Opportunities : smartgrids and storage

Winner of a national call for tenders on smart electric grids, Bretagne is the pioneering region for smartgrids. The SMILE collaborative experimentation programme has been rolling out smartgrids on a large scale since 2016. From the perspective of hydrogen production, smartgrid and storage applications are crucial when adapting energy production from renewable sources to consumption. Bretagne Ocean Power supports marine energy projects. H2X Ecosystems develops hydrogen ecosystems for local authorities and businesses. H2gremm offers a hydrogen production and storage solution for self-consumption in homes and light mobility. All on land H2 projects in Bretagne.

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