Secure-IC makes its presence felt at the cutting edge of cybersecurity

Secure-IC (Rennes) designs systems which protect all connected electronic equipment against malicious attacks and the cyberthreat. “In practice, this relates to data theft, reverse engineering risks (1) and thefts of intellectual property”, explains Hassan Triqui, Chairman and Co-founder of Secure-IC. “The more the service conveyed has added value, the more it has to be made secure”. Its customers? Governmental agencies in the field of national security and electronic equipment leaders.

Already established in Singapore, Tokyo and soon the United States, Secure-IC achieves 75% of its turnover abroad. The company, driven by two-figure growth, is continuing to recruit, mainly in R&D and marketing. “We have a labour force on the Beaulieu Campus in Rennes, with a variety of interesting profiles. Rennes has a tradition of electronic security”.

The company has nearly fifty families of licences after six years in business. “Security is a constant fight. It is important always to try and be one step ahead of potential attacks that are developing constantly”, adds Hassan Triqui.

Source : OF entreprises, 05/08/2016

Credit : secure-ic