Seismo Wave’s seismometers are a hit in the international market

Seismo wave, seismometers and microbarometers.

Seismo Wave (Rospez), award-winner at the Oscars des Entreprises des Côtes d’Armor, designs and sells seismometers and microbarometers. Seismometers measure earthquakes, analysing infrasound waves, whereas microbarometers detect storms, volcanic eruptions, noise generated by wind turbines, shots, etc. One of the company’s clients even detected North Korea’s nuclear tests. These Bretagne-produced sensors, popular amongst scientists working for government-owned labs in particular, are used worldwide. They meet the needs of Governments to strengthen their stock of preventive tools, amid increasingly prevalent natural disasters (e.g. tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.).

Seismo Wave stems from the work by the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and the expertise of Robert Glémot’s group. The sensors are produced by Prolann (the parent company) taken over by Robert Glémot in 2003. The SME has come a long way since. It began covering the international market in 2008. Geophysics is a significant portion of its activity, with Defence contracts also in a strategic position.


Source : Ouest France – 18 /04 /2018

Photo credit : Seismo Wave