Smart grid: What is the SMILE project?

Quelle Énergie met with SMILE, during the Smart Energies Expo in Paris on 6 and 7 June, to present the project and their partners.


The SMILE project, SMart Ideas to Link Energies, won the call for projects for the deployment of smart grids in April 2016. It involves combining the efforts and skills of the Bretagne and Pays de la Loire regions to build together the Western France Smart Grid. SMILE brings together different actors, communities and companies, to work together on the intelligent management of electricity consumption in Western France. Today, the association has 177 members and works on 6 main objectives:

  • Large scale integration of renewable energies on networks
  • Control electricity demands and optimise the consumption/production relationship
  • Develop an interconnection of platforms of exchange and analysis of energy data flows of very diverse origins
  • Incorporate electric vehicles into the sustainable mobility solutions panel
  • Secure digital networks associated with power grids through testing and labelling tools for cyber ​​security and interoperability
  • Validate economic models and the viability of technologies and services

Construction sites

The role of the association is to link the different actors around the same project, to accompany them in the development, the valorisation and the security of this project deployed on the territory. SMILE is structured around 15 “sites”, comprising 40 to 50 projects. At the heart of the SMILE project is the development of an interregional platform (Bretagne/Pays de la Loire) for energy management, around which 4 other platforms are based: the digital and the internet of energy, the control of energy demand (Self-consumption, zones of intelligent activities, plant of the future), smart territories and renewable energies (charging stations, intelligent city lighting, smart buses, etc.) and advanced mobility services. SMILE also plans to build MRE and EnR management to integrate them into networks. A final, cross-cutting project, concerns cyber ​​security.

A few figures

  • 10,000 direct or spinoff jobs
  • the creation of international industrial dynamics
  • 1,000 public charging stations
  • 50 MWh of storage
  • 1,000 positive energy buildings
  • 20,000 intelligent light points
  • 1 large scale public awareness tool

At the Smart Energies Expo, SMILE clearly expressed its ambition to be the international showcase of a new model of production/consumption, notably through its Métropoles (Nantes and Rennes) and Îles Vertes (Ouessant and Yeu) construction sites, which are pilot deployment sites.


Source : Quelle Énergie – 15/06/2017

Photo credit : Bretagne Développement Innovation