Smartviser tests the performances of telecommunication systems automatically and without connection

Smartviser-test engine

Smartviser (Rennes, 13 employees) has created a solution for testing as a virtual user the quality and performances of a telecommunication system automatically and without connecting to a computer. It is suitable for all networks and all brands, as its results can be accessed via a cloud platform. Its target customers are operators, manufacturers, distributors, specialist press and users of mobility services, like transport. It already counts Orange, SRF, Auchan, Boulanger and the manufacturers Mobiwire and Wiko among its customers, but is looking to expand into other markets like the car industry.

The company raised €1.2 M end 2017 for this purpose. This sum will also be used for its international development. Smartviser has already signed a contract with a Finnish operator in 2016 and then a distribution partnership with the Mexican company Mots. It also has business developers in Europe, Asia, India and North America. SmartViser is aiming to raise further, more extensive funds in 2019 to continue its development and R&D programme.


Source : L’Usine Digitale – 11/10/2017

Photo credit : Smartviser