Socomore builds a new factory in Texas

Socomore surface preparation

Specialist in solutions for metal surface preparation and protection, Socomore (Vannes, 200 employees, €M45 turnover) is investing €6M to increase the area of its manufacturing site at Elven and its site at Vannes. Socomore has four manufacturing establishments (France, Ireland and USA) and thirteen subsidiaries (Europe, Canada, Brazil and China). Socomore is investing €2M to construct a factory in Texas to meet its growth in a specialised segment where it holds 20 to 30% market shares. The activities of its subsidiaries Dynamold and Dysol, manufacturers of chemical products for aircraft assembly, will be grouped here. The company is also planning external growth if it manages to track down an “American Socomore”. Socomore is currently competing for 80% market share with three other companies – the German Henkel and Americans Che Metall and 3 M. The aeronautical sector accounts for 90% of its turnover.

Sources : Journal des Entreprises – 10/12/2015, API Newsletter – 18/12/2015

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