Sofrilog and Cooperl are building themselves a new refrigerated warehouse for €16M

The second largest refrigerated logistics company in France, Sofrilog (Caen, Normandie, 1,100 employees, €150M turnover) and the pig cooperative Cooperl (€2.1B turnover), the leading antibiotic-free pig company in France, have opened a new 80,000 m2 refrigerated platform at Pleugueneuc (20 employees). An investment of €16M was required for this site intended for wide-scale, CE-certified exports. It is the 42nd and largest warehouse for Sofrilog, a company accustomed to shared legal and financial arrangements.

Cooperl will account for two thirds of the business, supplemented by other customers, such as the Compagnie des Pêches de Saint-Malo, Findus, Lactalis and so on. The site has a freezing capacity of 500 T per week and defrosting capacity, mainly for butter and bread. The plan is already to extend the site in the next three to five years, with planning permission for an additional 40,000 m3. E. Commault, Chairman of Cooperl, sees the site as a strategic asset for the export business. The productivity of its facilities compensate the labour costs. The cooperative accounts for 40 to 50% of French pig exports to China, i.e. 40 kT, and the site is waiting for its approval for China, which should create a further ten jobs or so.

Source : Journal des Entreprises – 20/09/2016