Sopral invests €14M in kibbles

Sopral (Avril group, Pléchâtel, 30 employees, 25% exported), a specialist in dog, cat and horse nutrition, is investing €14M over three years to modernise its dog and cat kibble manufacturing site. Its parent company has the brands Diester, Sanders, Lesieur, Puget, Matines, Bunica, Taous, etc. and wishes to double the production of top-of-the-range extruded dry nutritional feeds from the current 24 kT/year to 35 to 40 kT/year by 2019. Its customers are professionals and specialised circuits. This operation should see a move upmarket and more agility in responding to the customers better, mainly for specific nutritional solutions.

Sopral distributes its products in over 50 countries. The French and European markets are showing modest growth (+3 to 4% a year), but the parent company is targeting major exports to the South-American markets which are growing by more than 10% a year.

Source : Journal des Entreprises – 29/03/2017  

Photo credit : Sopral