Space 2016, an excellent event in terms of discussions and pledge of quality

The 30th running of Space 2016 ended with a highly-satisfactory qualitative and quantitative outcome, despite a slight drop in attendance. Its organiser, Mr Denieul, was especially pleased with the visit of major foreign delegations, mainly from Africa and Iran but also from Pakistan, Japan and Nepal, among others.

On average, 70% of exhibitors have an international activity and are seeking new opportunities. Some countries are seeking new material or economic solutions, like Nigeria which wishes to review its food strategy by encouraging local production due to the drop in the price of oil. Other African countries came to explore the most recent innovations “Made in France” in insemination, construction, animal health, etc. Some countries, on the other hand, would like French companies to set up in their countries like Iran and Guinea, highlighting the need to train local players. And yet more are seeking investors or partnerships with structures like Bretagne Commerce International to ensure their food supplies.


Source: Webagri – 19/09/2016