For Spid, the seedling tray is the good “seedling”

The Société Plastique d’Innovation et de Distribution (Spid, Lannion) is the French and European leader in rigid plastic seedling trays. Some 80% of its customers are market gardeners and the other 20% horticulturists.

Spid has developed 22 models suitable for a variety of plants (tomatoes, leeks, vines, trees, etc.) that are reusable for 20 years and recyclable. The SME exports 60% of its business, mainly to Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco, South Africa and USA.

In terms of R&D, Spid develops one or two new trays every year, but demand could persuade it to increase this to four or five, as each plant has its specific features and producers are always looking for new crops. The demands are very varied: medicinal cannabis in the United Kingdom, a plant that eradicates malaria in Madagascar, stevia, essential oils, etc.

Trégor Plastique in Lannion manufactures 90% of the trays, with a further 10% made in the Landes to be as close as possible to the Lot-et-Garonne strawberry producers (90% of its French customers).

Source : Ouest France – 29/11/2016  

Photo credit : Spid Trays