Sulky Burel is going to cultivate Brazilian fields

The manufacturer of seed drills and fertiliser spreaders, Sulky Burel (Châteaubourg, 250 employees, €43M turnover 2016) has signed a technology transfer agreement with the Brazilian farm machinery manufacturer, Jacto (1,500 employees), to produce machinery sold under its name at its Pompéia manufacturing site. This will make it easier for Sulky to manufacture and sell directly to Brazil equipment that would be subject to import taxes that are far too high to make it competitive if manufactured in France. Jacto is well-known for its specific coffee-growing sprayers and harvesting tools and is thus expanding its range of products. The first joint productions are expected in 2017. Jacto also has a marketing network in a hundred countries. Brazil is a high-potential market: it is the largest producer of coffee, sugar cane and oranges in the world, its agricultural production is expected to double in 15 years and 30% of its cultivable land is not yet exploited.

Sulky Burel sets aside 5% of its income for R&D and has several dozen patents for its seed drills and fertiliser spreaders that incorporate cutting-edge technologies. The company achieves 30% of its business in some 50 countries and is targeting exports of 50%. It wishes to use local partnerships to achieve this, thereby reproducing the model for its collaboration with the American tractor manufacturer, John Deere, in Russia and Ukraine. It does, however, have a commercial subsidiary in Great Britain.

Sources : Journal des Entreprises – 03/05/2017, Les Echos – 07/06/2017  

Photo credit : Sulky Burel