Tam targets a production of 20 tonnes of spirulina per year

Cyane, the Tam brand for innovating product algae. Photo credit : Tam

With a spirulina production of 10 tonnes in 2017, Tam (Plougastel-Daoulas) has become the French leader in terms of production capacity. The company aims to exceed 20 tonnes in 2018. This is a real challenge because this culture is not well controlled at this scale and is sensitive to temperature changes. Tam will therefore use greenhouses.

The SME has invested €3.5 million to convert 2 ha market gardening greenhouses into CO2 catchment and heat recovery processes and to develop its harvesting and drying processes. Since November 2017, the company has the organic certification, which will allow it to speed up commercialisation in Europe. Tam currently sells its spirulina to laboratories specialised in food supplements like Atlantic Nature, as well as under its own brand Cyane.


Sources : Bretagne Economique – 05/02/2018, Lettre API – 13/04/2018