I-Tek creates Iso Tek, an innovative livestock building

I-Tek (Tremeur, forty employees, €17.5M turnover, 50 to 70% exported), the European leader in livestock buildings, has created the subsidiary I-Tek Solutions specifically to market Isotek. The company is hoping that this innovative livestock building for poultry, pigs and calves will meet the challenges of the agriculture of tomorrow in terms of animal welfare, health conditions, energy savings and environmental protection.

Supplied as a turnkey facility, Isotek is genuinely focused on health and safety as no outside bacteria is allowed to enter, it is modular, easy to transport and fully recyclable due to its aluminium panel and metal structural framework. This building is fitted with a modulation system used to run all incoming and outgoing flows. It also costs virtually the same as conventional buildings.


Source: Lettre Economique de Bretagne – 09/06/2016, API Newsletter – 29/06/2016

Credit: i-tek.com