Télécom Santé creates a connected medical bed for improving patient safety

Specialising in the digitalisation of hospitals, Télécom Santé (Cesson-Sevigne) has completed clinical testing of their connected medical bed after 2 years of R&D, before it is installed at the University Hospital of Rennes. This bed is able to warn medical staff in the event of problems. The kit to be installed on the beds was developed in collaboration with MMO (Vitré), the medical furniture manufacturer. Its target markets are international, including the Asian market where there is significant potential, and for which they have just raised €4M in funds. In addition, Télécom Santé won the Innovation of the Federation of Private Hospitals (FHP) Challenge in the category “digital services to improve the organisation of staff and clinical activity”. The company presented its emergency care optimisation solution Ambu-Track, which allows geo-referencing of patients in real time in the health facility. The solution has the capacity to collect reliable data which will be used to compile statistics on the recurring problems of health care delivery.


Source : Les Echos – 09/05/2016 Lettre Economique de Bretagne – 28/09/2016
Photo credit : Télécom Santé