Tell seeks to digitise the audits in livestock farms

Tell (Saint-Évarzec) is developing audit software for livestock farm ambience and ventilation management. Noone at the moment carries out this type of audit independently. Its Director, J.-L. Martin, explains that in three hours and 500 questions, the software can recognise the farm’s non-conformities. The results are then shared with the farmers on a secure cloud platform attached to an e-learning space where they can learn to correct their errors.

On this subscription-only platform, Tell will also offer technological watch and a comparison system whereby the farmers can see where they stand compared with other audited farms. The sector’s industrialists could thus have access to the data for use in designing training courses for their technicians and also for the farmers and in defining their R&D focus better according to requirements.

To roll out the system, Tell wishes to set up an international auditor network with access to the platform and the brand whilst creating a training school for this network and also for the operators and farmers.

Source : API Newsletter – 18/04/2017  

Photo credit : Agence API