Tendriade is investing a million to improve the sorting of its calves

Since its takeover in 2013 of the Tendriade calf slaughterhouse (Châteaubourg, 600 employees), the Netherlands group Van Dries has invested €5M a year in it, mainly to remodel the livestock breeding and commercial circuits. In addition to the on-going renovations of the production facilities, the slaughterhouse is opening a new 2,500 m2 batching facility to group the calf sorting operations of Tendriade and Van Dries. Costing €1.1M, the facility can process 2,600 calves a week and meets animal welfare standards.

The main outlets for this site are traditional butchery (30% turnover), outside catering (20 to 30% of its customers) and major retail outlets (45 to 50% of turnover). It is also developing products like Italian-style roast veal, rolled escalope with ham and cheese and Smiley veal burgers for children. THe company represents 300 livestock farmers spread throughout Bretagne, Pays de la Loire and Normandie.

Source : Journal des Entreprises – 08/09/2016
Photo credit : Tendriade