The Boutrais family is opening its online oyster shop

Credit photo : Famille Boutrais

The Boutrais Family (in Saint Coulomb) owns five oyster farms in Ireland and Cancale where they have French teams, working with unique expertise.

They offer a selection of hollow oysters: the Ostra Regal, the “Rolls-Royce”, which grows in the cove of Bannow Bay, Ireland; the Sentinel and the Marine Selection, which also grow in the Irish oyster fields of the Boutrais Family; the Cancale Céline oyster, bought in 2017; and finally the OR (gold) selection, the beautiful most Ostra Regal oysters, to meet the demand of chefs.

The Boutrais family’s oysters are now available from the new online shop; where they can be delivered 24 hours after the shellfish have been pulled out of the water. According to Hugo Boutrais, co-manager of the company, “This service meets the expectations of consumers who are too far away to be able to access our products, especially since the number of fish shops is constantly decreasing“.

Once the order has been placed online, the oysters are taken out of the Saint-Méloir purification tank and packed in their boxes. Express transport in isothermal packaging, with a gel pack, ensures that the cold chain is maintained throughout the transit. The cold chain is therefore constant from preparation of the order to delivery at the customer’s premises.


Source : Ouest France – 25/10/2018

Photo credit : Famille Boutrais