The Breton company ISB sets out to conquer Europe

Le site de ISB à St Malo. Photo : ISB

The ISB timber trading and processing group (Pacé + sites in Saint Malo, Honfleur and Moult in Normandie, Nantes, 470 employees) is developing opportunities in new markets in France and Europe, with the aim of reaching a turnover of €275 million in 2022, representing a growth of 5.2% per year. For this, the group is focusing on export: it will implement a logistics platform (trading) in the Iberian Peninsula in late 2018.

It is particularly focusing on innovation. ISB is expanding into the interior decoration market with its new brand: Woodalisa. A new machine for digital printing will print custom designs directly on the wood. The company has also set up a team dedicated to R&D for innovations in outdoor cladding. Finally, since January, it has launched a new offer dedicated to the renovation of siding: Wood710, a nod to the oldest wooden buildings in Japan dating back to 710 AD. In this context, the company plans to develop a franchise network, the first of which could open in early 2019. Two people were recruited to develop the brand.

For the past two years, the group has also been tackling the digital aspect. In 2017, the company launched Wood Designer, a site for configuring cladding online, which aims to reach €1 million in sales in 2018. In addition, the Silverwood brand website has been renovated.


Source : Ouest France 15/05/2018

Photo : ISB