The factory 4.0 of Livbag, manufacturer of gas generators for airbags

Livbag, subsidiary of the Swedish group Autoliv (Pont-de-Buis, 1,500 employees) manufactures 35 million gas generators for airbags annually. To deal with competition from East Europe, it continuously reduces its production cycle by limiting its costs: it has thus gone from 10 to 3 seconds to manufacture a generator.

It is also committed to factory 4.0 to optimise its flows and continue to reduce its expenses. It also focuses on innovation: Livbag now produces generators for biker vest airbags. This growing market may even extend to equestrian vests. Furthermore, the company innovates in the digital sphere and has invested in a platform that issues alerts if there is a problem, to warn customers of any delay or change in deliveries.

Moreover, autonomous robots identify defects and transport spare parts between the various production lines, which has enabled musculoskeletal disorders to be avoided for employees. Livbag has also invested in a 3D printer to help the studies department to design future generations of generators or replace defective parts in record time, all these investments contribute to savings and limit downsizing.


Source : Les Echos – 25/10/2017