The first Google digital workshop in France will be in Rennes

The American giant Google has chosen Rennes to host its first “digital workshop” in France before the summer. A place to train in digital tools destined to be free, open to all and managed by “a network of local partners from the digital sector”, announced Sundar Pichai, the group’s CEO during the “Choose France” summit organised by Emmanuel Macron in January.

“A specific team will organise these training sessions (…) to boost everyone’s digital skills. We thus wish to make it easier for students to find jobs, raise the awareness of families in safe Internet use, initiate the very young in computer code or help to develop online the commercial activity of SME”, states the Google boss. “We do not wish to work alone and we should like to forge many local partnerships. With universities, schools, the city, the associations… Working together to define the needs and offer solutions so that everyone can benefit from digital tools”, indicates Sébastian Missoffe, Google Director France. 

Rennes was not chosen by chance. The city, with a reputation for vitality in the digital field with one of the densest ecosystems in France and some of the strongest growth in numbers of digital jobs, was not unknown to Google. The American giant had already shown a keen interest by buying the local start-up FlexyCore, a specialist in developing software programs for Android smartphones, in October 2013.

The group intends to open another three workshops in France in the next few months with the goal of training 100,000 people a year and thus reducing the digital gap.


Sources : Journal des entreprises – 24/01/2018, Télégramme – 23/01/2018